The Black Healer Turned Coach™ Program is a 6-month program for Black Mental Health Therapists and other Clinical Professionals who want to add another stream of income by building an ethical coaching business and creating a flagship coaching program with my TRAVEL framework, so they can serve their ideal clients while creating freedom in their time, finances, and lifestyle!

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What you'll get from this self-paced online course:

  • All the Info that you need to create an ethical Coaching Business
  • All the Info that you need to build and launch your flagship high-ticket coaching program
  • Must-Have Templates!!!
  • Detailed, Yet Succinct Course Portal Lessons for Busy Professionals
  • Bonuses for Bosses Vault
  • Course Portal App for On-The-Go Access

This program does not include:

  • Group or live access
  • Content feedback
  • All bonuses in live program options

This program provides 6-month access
so that you can take FAST ACTION and get yo program poppin'!

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Can you relate?

  • Have you always wanted to be a Coach but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Do you want to make more money in less time?
  • Want to create a stream of income to support you leaving your 9-5?
  • Want to say deuces to the constraints of your agency?
  • Want to ditch the limits of insurance panels?
  • Do you want to start making an amazing impact with your ideal niche population who have non-clinical needs?
  • While folks are back to work in the office, do you want to be able to work from anywhere?
  • Ready for more freedom in your time, finances, and lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to pivot your clinical expertise into a profitable coaching niche!

As a therapist, counselor, nurse, doctor, or other healing professional, you already have more  than the needed qualifications to become a coach!  

I have cracked the code on successfully running my coaching practice along with my therapy practice. 

Let me help you put all of the things together, so you too, can make this happen!

I promise to give you all of the tea...

Unleash your potential through the guided steps of The Black Healer Turned Coach™ Program & learn:

  • How to ethically establish your ethical coaching business 
  • How to discover your profitable niche 
  • How to create your own signature coaching program 
  • How to market your program to your ideal clients
  • How to scale with systems so you can work smarter, not harder

YOU will benefit from this program, if…

  • You are a licensed mental health, social services, medical, or other professional
  •  You are experiencing burnout from too many clients and not making enough dough! 
  • You want to create your own coaching program for an additional stream of income

Your moment has arrived!!!

  • Become the 6-Figure Coach you're meant to be!
  • Charge premium rates with confidence & ease!
  • Create a business model that supports your lifestyle!
  • Enroll consistent clients in your signature program!
  • Get your clients amazing results!
  • Grow your income month after month!

Get exclusive access to insider knowledge for creating your ethical coaching business & flagship program!


Yes! Actually, if you are not a clinical professional this program will still help you and it will be easier for you.

Our live sessions are interactive sessions conducted in real-time. On the other hand, our home study program caters to individuals who prefer to progress at their own pace. Please note that our home study program does not include:

  • Group or live access
  • Content feedback
  • All the bonuses available in our live program options

    Yes, you have the option to purchase 1:1 content feedback sessions. After enrollment, ask us how.

    What Folks Are Sayin'...

    SORAYA from Florida

    “Working with LaTanya has been the best decision I have made to help me navigate my career. I have read many self-help books and attended paid workshops in the past in an attempt to increase my confidence and go after my goals. Since working with her began, we explored my strengths and narrowed down what motivates me, and developed a plan for career and personal development. She required me to be accountable and take ownership of the self-development process by providing weekly assignments. I can honestly say that my life has been forever changed as I am focused and confident in my career and personal life. I highly recommend that if you’re not afraid of hearing the truth and ready to do the work, LaTanya is the right coach for you.”

    - KULINDA from Nevada

    “I had a lot of mindset shifts while working with LaTanya. I am now able to envision positive outcomes for the future, no longer letting my worries take over me. I now know I can fully rely on God. I learned to be intentional with my words because I can manifest with my words. I also learned different systems to help with achieving my goals. I don't always remember to tie God into my practice or personal life, but your ability to do this each time we meet has helped develop me personally and professionally. You do it so effortlessly, and that makes it VERY clear to me that God is working within you. Experiencing that with you has enhanced my ability to do that with my church group and even friends and family!!!! MY HEART IS FULL, AND I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!!”

    - BELINDA from California

    “Major takeaways were ways to overcome my fear of failure, move outside of my comfort zone, and learn new/different skills. I also made a commitment to being a lifelong learner and can really see the importance of Consultation”

    - LENORA from California