Heyyy, I am LaTanya! I am happy to welcome you to The Academy!

Let me tell ya a lil bit about me.

First, I am a woman of Faith. I am the King’s Daughter. I am a Whirlwind Warrior. If you know, then you know…

Next, I am a Black woman living in America… Y’all caught that right? Keep reading…

Currently loading, is My PhD in Psychology, with a specialization in Soul Care and Black Liberation. Too many years ago to mention, I received my Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) and Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Social Work and Child Welfare and Attendance from California State University Long Beach. Then, I became licensed by the State of California as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Later, I also earned a second Master’s in Educational Leadership from California State University Dominguez Hills. I am also a Certified Christian Life Coach from the Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy (PCCCA).

I have worked for almost two decades providing social services in various settings. For eleven years, I was honored to provide mental health services to children, adolescents, and their families as a Psychiatric Social Worker, and for four years an Administrator for the second-largest school district in the nation. For six years, I was an Adjunct Faculty and Field Liaison in the Master of Social Work Program at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Since 2011, I have maintained my private mental health practice. The focus of my practice has always been on improving the trajectory of the Black family and community. Renamed in 2019, due to a God-given vision, Soul Care for Black Clinicians® is devoted to supporting Black healing professionals with various life challenges, including the duality of the unique experience that presents while living in America, as a Black person, and a Black healer.

I also lead another vision given to me by God, as the principal Business Coach at The Soul Care for Black Clinicians® Academy. I have done quite a bit of investing of time and finances into my businesses and professional growth. I also have coached many Black professionals in the healing field to support them in establishing and growing their businesses.

I also have been a Consultant and curated wellness supports for various corporations. My interventions have led to better productivity and improved relations between Administration and teams. In addition, corporate participants experienced elevated morale, stress reduction, enhanced navigation of emotions about racially traumatic events, and an increase in seeking additional assistance. Just like clients in my therapeutic practice, clients in The Academy also receive support that is infused with authenticity, love, spirituality, respect for the culture, an uncompromising growth mindset, and of course, a dedicated focus on Soul Care!

Another fun fact is that I am also an author. Yep, God punked me again! I really did not want to write this book! However, now, I am thankful that I did because it has been a blessing to so many! My 31 day devotional, Doing Single Well is written to support the Single Black Woman trusting God for her husband. However, you can peep the testimonials on the website, it is truly an encouragement for anyone to trust God in seasons on waiting! Yes, men too! Ain’t we always waiting for something?!

Lastly, I am Soul Care Enthusiast! My definition of Soul Care is listening intently to your spirit and obeying… Some of the ways that I take care of my soul are through prayer and meditation (that’s how I know God’s voice that I need to obey), resting (yessss, soooo important), and doing other things that make me feel good, so I can continue to be my best self. I am grateful that I have had the ability to travel around the world. I am actually on my 3rd passport! I am always looking forward to getting new stamps, experiencing more adventures, creating new memories, and having reasons to laugh out loud!